Online Résumé

Full-Stack Developer & Jack-of-All-Trades

Joshua Brewster

Coding, software, and hardware experience
Science: C++, C, Python, Matlab, Unix, Excel, Wolfram. 
         Learning Tensorflow-gpu and Keras, and OpenCV 
           for machine learning and rapid prototyping. 

Web: Flask/Quart, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, a little PHP.
     Websockets, Node.js and Bootstrap. Familiar with Reactjs.
     Basic Solidity for Ethereum dApps.
     Basic Canvas and webGL. Basic Phaser.
     Google's tools, dropbox, git, bitbucket, etc.
     WordPress, Medium, Shopify, Wix, Prezi, Domain, GoDaddy.
     Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
     Every kind of social media tool.
     Efficient code and UI design (e.g. RESTful APIs).

Graphics: Hand-coding in OpenGL and Vulkan. 
          Familiar with the frameworks in Unreal 4, 
             CryEngine, and Unity. 
          Physical simulations and machine learning 
             are my main study area, in progress.

Design: Technical writing and page formatting.
        Photo, video, and audio editing.
        Adobe Illustrator, Gimp, Aseprite.
        Reaper, Audacity, VSTs and MIDIs.
        Resolve, Lightworks, etc.         
        Mixing hand and computer design.
        AutoCAD, say for Architectural design.
        Basic SolidWorks, 3DSMax + Maxscript.
        Office & business software.

Hardware: I build my own computers.
          I can wire a server, or your house.
          Coding on Nvidia Hardware.
          Performance profiling.


Public portfolio
Web design: I’m also affiliated with each of these groups.
Eutopia Research Group
Alaskit Educational & Scientific Resources
Frontier Foraging (alt link)
DIY Hemonencephalography Biofeedback (HEG): Github page


Robotics animator prototype: On Request
  • Python, Flask, PyQt5, HTML & JS webserver integration.
  • Let’s you animate something in blender, pulls the animation data, lets you assign that data to servos, set flags for other GPIO objects like LEDs turning on and off on key frames, then test run that on a Raspberry Pi with the associated controls set up. The version I can show is a prototype for a much bigger project.
Vulkan engine example: Github link
  • Most of this engine code is not my original work, including the visualization, however I needed to learn it and Vulkan inside and out to make the necessary modifications to simplify it.
  • Vulkan released 2016. It’s cross-platform, and uses optimal machine code and semaphores, etc., for minimal operational overhead.
  • It can be used to create anything for rendering. Examples you can easily convert.
Machine learning + graphics project: Github link
  • OpenCV, Vulkan, Tensorflow-gpu
  • Meant to be open source and open collaboration. I want to end up with both a useful tool for developers and something anybody can learn about machine learning from. I never had a lot of resources for studying this myself, and this would be very accessible and compelling for others in that spirit.
  • I’ve been reaching out to people around the world for reference work to make this happen. I’ve been studying machine learning for two+ years.  This is an example library from my personal studies.
Design example: Site link
  • My friend launched an Ethereum ERC-20 cryptocurrency and I helped him with the art and pre-launch testing, including creating the icon from hand drawings and Gimp, and that nice particle effect on the banner in Unreal 4. A lot more work went unpublished: Example slideshow (Youtube)
  • I funded and ran the initial testing with Ethereum as well as the website (which has since gone dormant) back in August through October. It’s an idea that will become more relevant when Ethereum is more widespread, especially when Swarm hits. Learned web dev and basic Solidity in this time.
App Design example: Roots description
  • W.I.P. prototype will hopefully be ready this year.
  • Javascript, HTML, Python, Bootstrap, and Node.js.
  • The result of over 3 years in studying social systems, civics, journalism, and communications tech. I believe this is an example of the kind of tech the world needs if we’re going to have a strong focus on networking and globalism, as opposed to current social media tools and their focus on advertising.
Writing examples: My Friend the Dreamer and Special Issue | Brain Topology Discovered

  • 2 semesters remaining in a Psychology BS + Computer Science minor. Currently studying biofeedback and memory (related to my computer interests).
  • Math officially through calculus 3/4 and differential equations.
  • 8 and half semesters of labs, including general physics 1+2, general chemistry 1 and half  of 2, 3 computer science labs, an aerospace lab, and a CAD lab.
  • Lots of writing and communications, including technical writing.
  • Formerly majored in Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering prior to that.
  • Attended UAS, Cal Poly SLO, then UAF. Total 4.5 years of college. Currently on hiatus looking for better schools and work.
  • Graduated from Thunder Mountain HS 2012 with honors. Was senior VP, did STEM Robotics for 2 years, Model UN for 2 years, and National Honors Society for 2.
  • EMT-1 Certified from 2012 thru 2013.
  • Constant self-education via projects and reading.

Physical Work Experience
  • 2017: Delivered mail for UAF. 1 summer.
  • 2015 and 2016: Provided direct assistance to 3 different terminally physically disabled individuals. 1 year total.
  • 2013: NASA Internship at NASA Dryden (now NASA Armstrong). Helped with a simulation for the Dream Chaser project. Was hired for a stratospheric observatory (SOFIA) project. 1 summer. Letter of Recommendation
  • 2012: AmeriCorps volunteer. Traveled Southeast Alaska doing all kinds of trail work and public maintenance, but mostly shoveling. 1 summer.
  • Tons of miscellaneous things.

Currently residing in Fairbanks, Alaska, From Juneau, Alaska. I am an American and Irish dual citizen (EU friendly!). I’m a jack-of-all-trades who learns quick and has a lot of R&D dreams. I come from a deep cultural background and study just about everything. I’m aiming for outer space.