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Please let me know of any information or topics or corrections you’d like to see on here. I want as much input as I can get to evolve the content on here and provide a really solid starting ground for newbies.

I don’t have much time to add new stuff. I’m open to anyone submitting content. Just give me information roughly in the format I have going here and I’ll put it together on the site and credit you.

About me

I am a Psychology and Computer Science student from Juneau, Alaska. I currently reside in Fairbanks, AK. I study systems across disciplines, formerly aerospace engineering. I interned for NASA on the SOFIA and Dreamchaser projects before computer and human systems took over my interests. I made this site to inform the average person who lacks a lot of technical knowledge and help encourage intelligent growth in an important emerging economy.

Artificial Intelligence is coming. Computing power beyond imagining is coming. If we want to go to the moon, it takes a lot of good people working together to do it. I’m hoping to apply many of the emerging ideas in the computer science and communications communities to improve the cultural, psychological, and environmental health of the world by building stronger, more effective, more sustainable, more empowering communities – underpinned by new technologies. I am currently working on a few decentralized application ideas in the spirit of blockchain.

I do this for free for you all as well as my own education (and fun) as I really love the potential with accessible global blockchain tech, but early adoption is not without risks. I want to spread the word on inspiring blockchain tech while reducing misinformation and harm. It’s a risk to invest now as the tech is undergoing rapid evolution as many emerging competitors and niche markets appear – and hardly anyone understands the highly varied and awe-inspiring uses. This means some tech will rise and others will fall, and with the volatility of this particular market those rises and falls will be BIG and FAST. Don’t be caught in the latter with bad information, bad gambling habits, or worse, panic selling! Get informed and get involved! This tech might be able to help your community in previously unimaginable ways if properly understood.


Message me on reddit: moothyknight

If you want to get weird and pretentious, here’s my personal blog: Brewster’s Ramblings

I’m also decent at taking photos: https://imageshack.com/a/9hJJ/1


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