State of the Tokenization

Howdy, if you’re new here then lemme tell you the info on here is probably out of date from last summer and fall when it was written. Everything is changing very rapidly, where now we have Quantum ledgers and aggressive IoT and ‘fintech’ campaigns cropping up everywhere. NASDAQ wants to integrate crypto into its markets, Goldman Sachs might buy into Poloniex (start your trading bots now, kiddos), groups like Bitmex are leveraging bitcoin derivatives, and there are more coins and ideas than I can count – though most are still thinly veiled marketing campaigns pretending to be innovation. Also apparently some Chinese group almost has 50% stake in Bitcoin, meaning they could soon control the system.

*googles* “blockchain” *ctrl-c* *ctrl-v*

I sometimes worry we’ve deliberately raised a generation that genuinely and emotionally believes good marketing and graphic design equates to worthy products – just compare the actual development budgets to the marketing budgets for, say, major video game publishers, and you’ll see the incongruity. If a marketer comes across this page, since that’s about the only kind of person who scrapes these corners of the web for research purposes, think about it. Do you uphold good engineering over good marketing? Cryptocurrencies make that choice pretty obvious with the comparative power savings and robustness of Ethereum or NEM over Bitcoin, for instance, or the great ethics of Factom or FoldingCoin over – lol – more financially successful scams like BitConnect.

In Puerto Rico we have initiatives to try to bring desperately needed innovation into the economy, focused on blockchain and power generation. Their only alternative for facing their debt is selling off the island – still under colonial laws/incentives – to ever-encroaching wealth and luxury markets. I find it very fascinating how high tech is a rallying point for civic movements. It certainly is for war, but it should be even more potent for vastly improving the agriculture and health care industries, connecting people to each other and themselves, and in general as the primary tool to explore the universe. We have the efficiency to take care of everybody on the planet, but material inequality and depraved ideological violence is actively preventing that.

We’re one community, one place I see that demonstrated so well is in the hoard of scientific papers and projects from different corners of the Earth that are forming the fairly singular high tech sphere. That may sound naive to a non-engineer, but there’s only so much science to all this technology, and I argue it can be learned by anyone with the time and patience. Curiosity has to be stomped out by life’s circumstances.

That’s all I have to say about that, blockchain isn’t going to stop but it’s still just a tool that’s the result of decades of collective effort, where we can run many reliable global servers that we all get input on. Something like Ethereum could make it so easy to bring high level software to poor students and under-served communities with cloud-based applications. These aren’t even new ideas in reality, but blockchain contains some of the biggest actual efforts I’ve heard about for that purpose as it rolls encryption and cloud service into one. I don’t really have time or patience to keep adding to this site, but there’s enough here to give you a fairly full perspective on what this is all about and what you yourself can do with it. Personally I recommend getting into coding yourself and playing around with an API on Python for automating and predicting trading. Anyone can do it, and like 95%+ of trades by volume are done this way anyway, so it’ll teach you a hard lesson about how the financial system game really works. Start with my post for more about that.

That’s all folks, I keep a hidden resume on this site. I have all sorts of projects relevant to the time I’m working on, would love to connect to the others. Onward!


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