Special Issue | Dubloonz (DBZ), GhostKat dApp Launch Tutorial


I’m back from being distracted to teach you all how to use the Dubloonz (DBZ) cryptocurrency with a new dApp (decentralized app) as featured on the GhostKat.org test site, currently only compatible with Chrome. I’m proud to present my brother-from-another-mother’s first blockchain work, and an experiment that I can get behind.

You can find the full announcement for the platform on the Github page here: https://github.com/GhostKatIII/GhostKat/blob/master/README.md

How to Exchange Ethereum (ETH) for Dubloonz (DBZ)

ethtodubloonz.PNGYou need an Ethereum ERC-20-compatible wallet and some Ethereum, and need to be able to access the contract interface (many wallets let you do this by using wallet.ethereum.org). I am using Parity by the developer’s recommendation. You can find the  full tutorial in the next section below.

Add the Dubloonz/GhostKat contract address and ABI here, then you must use the “buy( )” function in the interface: https://github.com/GhostKatIII/GhostKat/blob/master/Contract_ABI

The EKO exchange rate is 1 DBZ / 1 ETH (including fractions of that). There are 3,999 tokens in total. To start, only the first 999 are up for exchange to fund development, while the next 1,999 will be given away via bounties to kick-start the community. More may be minted later. It’s not really a serious crypto for now, mind you, so it’s more like donating. Let this be a way to show you how dApps generally work in the current state.

GK Field Manual

These are detailed instructions for buying Dubloonz and posting to GhostKat’s ledgers via the chosen interface, Parity.


1. Download and install the most current version of Parity.


2. Once installed, Parity will open in your default browser as a local web page. In the bottom right, you want to make sure you are on the “best block.” If not, it may take a few minutes to “warp restore” to the most current block (rather than downloading the whole blockchain).


3. Click on the accounts tab, then click +Account.


4. You’ll need to create an account on Parity with a good password. You may add an account from another wallet by importing the JSON file (created by exporting your account from your other wallet) or if you use Geth’s Keystore. To buy ETH with money, I recommend going through CoinBase or Gemini, or alternatively CEX.IO if you’re in the UK. If you have other types of crypto just exchange into ETH via ShapeShift (can even be done within Parity), or go through your preferred exchange.


5. With your account added, click over to the settings tab and make sure Contracts are enabled in the Views settings.


6. Click the Contracts tab then click +Watch.


7. Select Custom Contract then click Next.


8. Enter the contract details correctly then click Add Contract. You can choose any name, that’s what I chose. Contract details are here: https://github.com/GhostKatIII/GhostKat/blob/master/Contract_ABI


9. Click on the contract after adding it and this window is what you should see. Now we’ll learn how to buy and post, with this tutorial focused on posting to the free ledger (no DBZ required!) so anybody can try. First I need to note some things.


10. Scrolling down the contract page, you’ll see the different ledgers as well as the supply. There are only 3,999 DBZ minted, however there are 18 decimal places that make the supply look like 3,999,000,000,000,000,000,000. That’s simply a display issue, however using the “Transfer( )” function requires you to account for that.

The “lowerPlane” is what’s featured on GhostKat.org.

“MrB”, short for Mr. Bones, is the free ledger. After this tutorial slot 0 in MrB will have something in it from me.


11. Click Execute at the top of the page.


12. The Function Details page will appear. Click the “function to execute” area and a drop-down menu will appear.


13. Select “buy()”.


14. Put in the amount of ETH you want to exchange for DBZ. Then click Post Transaction. Remember it’s 1 ETH per 1 DBZ. You cannot buy less than 0.01 DBZ.


15. Parity’s “Signer” will show up, requiring your password to to verify the request.


16. You’ll see this little transaction confirmation window. Once you get at least 1 confirmation, you can check your balance in the balanceOf query. My balance is 3.020999… DBZ. Those 9’s are from me testing the Transfer( ) function. Other Ethereum wallets with token support, like MetaMask will show your DBZ balance like other tokens. The token will be registered as well.

With these steps complete you now own DBZ!

Now to learn how to post to the free ledger!


17. From the Contract Information window, click Execute.


18. Click the “function to execute” area to get the drop-down menu.


19. Click the “Ridin(postin: string)” function.


20. Enter the string you want to post. This will be saved to the blockchain forever!


21. The signer will show up next asking for your password to verify the request.


22. When you get your first confirmation, query the “MrB” ledger and see your post! This is bare-bones and requires you to find the index it lands at. Future development will create better ways to navigate the ledgers via GhostKat.org and whatever the community contributes. GhostKat.org automatically calls the text from the ledgers as magnets for WebTorrent, to demonstrate a server-free method for posting and sharing torrents.

The permissions for the other ledgers are as follows:

lowerPlane:     1 DBZ

openPalace:     3 DBZ

middlePalace: 5 DBZ

katKafe:            27 DBZ

legend Palace: 99 DBZ

Now you’ve posted to the blockchain! You’re officially a dApp user!


A mockup of the coin.


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