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Nxt is an open source Blockchain 2.0 platform launched 2013 that rivals Ethereum in scope. Nxt has its own decentralized Proof of Stake currency system with fixed supply (tokens are distributed rather than mined) that also allows for sub-tokens to be created. Nxt also features blockchain cloud storage, decentralized crowd funding, a voting system, a decentralized exchange, and more. The Nxt Foundation is targeting common use with their platform, from government, civic, and medical organization to finance and consumer blockchain applications. They seek to help usher in green economics with the efficiency of their platform as opposed to current solutions.

Ardor is the child project of Nxt, originally titled Nxt 2.0. Ardor is seen as the successor to Nxt, though Nxt 1.x support will continue for at least a year. Ardor separates transactions that could create security risks from those that don’t, including holdings, in order to further secure the network. Ardor also allows for child chains and better scaling, like Ethereum’s ERC20 token standard, that have their own branding and APIs but run off of Ardor’s main chain. Unlike Ethereum, though, Ardor is Proof-of-Stake like Nxt rather than Proof-of-Work. Ardor’s first child chain is Ignis, and is being used to prove the technology. The Adel platform will also use Ardor for macroeconomic-oriented blockchain applications.

The Nxt Foundation has been around for some time. It has a large dedicated team of developers and representatives with a growing community. Expect to hear more about these platforms as they develop their application base and turn their promises into real world tools. I expect Ardor to continue to grow, but who knows if it or its successors will become a household name amidst the competition and rapid innovation.

Future: Blockchain-as-a-Service

Written June 23, 2017. Price at the time: $0.18 / NXT | $0.28 / ARDR

Edited Sept 27, 2017. Price at the time: $0.075 / NXT | $0.16 / ARDR


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