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Wow! Such profits!



Legends and Comic Sans never die.


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Started as a joke, a now 300 million dollar joke as of May 30, ’17, Dogecoin is sort of the pocket currency for the internet. It received widespread attention and speculation in its early days in 2014, was nearly dead for two years, and has recently undergone a bit of a revival with new interest and a new update promised.

Dogecoin is very accessible for beginners to blockchain mining and development, and is accepted by a surprising amount of vendors still. Otherwise I would give Dogecoin some time before pouring your money into it. This was my first coin, and what I thought was throwing $200 away got me over $2000 a few days ago at the last peak (end of May 2017). I’ve since lost a bit of that while remembering how to trade properly but hey I still made a surprising amount of fun money with meme currency!

Future: Long live shibes!


And now I’m rollin’ fat.

// Written May 30, ’17. Price at the time: $0.00281 / DOGE

// Edited June 18, ’17. Price at the time: $0.0032 / DOGE


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