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An early render on Golem’s alpha. It took much longer than a home work station would but it’s a start.



Golem is the first global decentralized supercomputer dedicated to graphics rendering. It enables peer-to-peer sharing of processing power between requestors and providers. It enables any size of computation to be done given enough collective processing power and “fuel” in the form of Golem Network Tokens (GNT). The service is in its very early days but shows immense promise, with the above image being some of what it can do in alpha. Any process using graphical computations will be able to take advantage of this type of cloud computing, and there are vast applications for this type of math from data analysis and rendering to neural networks and quantum computing.

Golem is based on Ethereum‘s network and is an “Ethereum token,” called an ERC20 token. This also means it utilizes Javascript to perform functions, one of the most widely used programming languages.

Golem believes the market demand for cloud rendering could sit at $1.6bn by next year. This is worth watching. It’s really hard not to nerd out over this one’s potential. Supercomputing is a multi-billion dollar business and Golem allows both the wealthy and the average consumer to reap its benefits. I hope this project pans out.

Future: This one’s a keeper



// Originally written May 29, ’17. Price at the time: $0.47 / GNT

// Edited June 16, ’17. Price at the time: $0.50 / GNT

// Edited June 18, ’17. Price at the time: $0.67 / GNT


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