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Are all coins really created equal?


Success is having to worry about every damn thing in the world, except money.
– Johnny Cash


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Zcash is an emerging cryptocurrency, introduce in October 2016, based on Bitcoin‘s blockchain ideas and integrated with Ethereum. Right now it is the 2nd-most valuable per token, but there are only 1.5 million tokens unlike Bitcoin’s 21 million. ZCash is marketed to be open, permissionless, and fully untraceable. This is, in their words, to disempower surveillance states and increase economic efficiency. The technology behind it has been in development since 2014 as a collaboration between cryptographers from MIT, Technion (Israel-IT), and Tel Aviv University.

What sets ZCash apart from Bitcoin is its encrypted transactions called zero-knowledge SNARKS and will be useful for “trustless trades” and verifying transactions anonymously across chains, mainly its parent Ethereum (i.e. Project Alchemy) without the need for third-party surveillance. This was adopted officially in Ethereum’s successful September Byzantium hardfork.

However, there were conspiracies surrounding the nature of this coin and the possibility of it having a backdoor for law enforcement since an untraceable coin would be great for laundering money and anonymous transactions. Otherwise, this is a well-backed concept, with JP Morgan on board with the tech. This is definitely worth reading into as Zcash is a direct competitor to Bitcoin and the technology is growing fast.

Future: Unification?


// Originally written May 31, ’17. Price at the time: $235 / ZEC

// Edited June 16, ’17. Price at the time: $400 / ZEC

// Edited Sept 26, ’17. Price at the time: $231 / ZEC


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