“The whale has an existential life of discovery which lasts a minute before it hits the ground, leaving a large crater and whale remains.”
– Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Panic sell no more!

Don’t blindly invest! Know your blockchain tokens! Know their background, their many amazing applications, and their potential futures. Know their market history and know their development paths. Brave a long term voyage to prosperity or gamble wisely on the short term. This site is a one-stop introduction to the top cryptocurrency projects. Many newcomers who invest are putting their futures on the line. This site is to help educate and protect people who want to sew the seeds of the future with cryptocurrencies.

For those who are already experienced with cryptocurrencies, let this be a resource to help introduce your friends, family, and/or colleagues to the frontier of economics!


To provide novice cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors a no-bullshit, introductory knowledge-base for understanding the emerging world of decentralized cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I will be covering top projects one-by-one and provide resources to help readers stay informed and up-to-date on their progress.

This comes in the wake of a dramatic increase in interest over the past few months, as well as many blockchain projects emerging from alpha and beta into open markets this year. This is an opportune time to get involved as it’s early and will change the face of global economics.

Early adoption does not come without risks! Cryptocurrency markets are notoriously volatile and I see people dropping $100K without enough background, sometimes losing 10-50% of that by panic selling or not educating themselves on the highly speculative nature of the cryptocurrency world. This level of speculation is what emerging markets are like, and crypto-currencies represent a key component of coming “green” solutions to global economic woes. 2017 is only the beginning, but only with smart investment!

Who am I? 

I am a computer science and psychology research student in university in Alaska. I study graphics, simulations, and human systems. I am currently studying machine learning and systems analysis. I’m working on various networking projects and have come to understand the reality of emerging blockchain technology. I made many times what I invested from just sitting on Dogecoin for a couple years and selling at the last peak into ETH, which was not all that much for the amount I invested at the time.


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