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Do your research before buying in.
Cryptocurrencies are highly experimental and easy to lose.
There’s also a ton of scams and copycats.
And don’t buy at all time highs!



For my pages I recommend beginning with

InfoByte | Bitcoin (BTC),

InfoByte | Ethereum (ETH),

InfoByte | IOTA (IOTA),

InfoByte | FoldingCoin (FLDC) and CureCoin (CURE),

Special Issue | TransActive Grid. Arctic Fracking,

Special Issue | (NMR),

and InfoByte | SingularDTV (SNGLS).


For something completely different check out Special Issue | 11-Dimensional Brain Topology Discovered.

I sponsored a project: Special Issue | Dubloonz (DBZ), GhostKat dApp Launch Tutorial

And I’m designing my own (and need help): InfauxByte | Roots

And here’s a Deep Learning and Graphics project on github I’m working on, it’s open to anybody who can or wants to contribute: CapsNet for Graphics Rendering Optimization



The scale of crypto scams are insane.














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