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The Future of Money?


“I want to make you all cryptocurrency millionaires… I want to provide a personal retirement account to about 1 billion people by this time next summer.” 
Okay, Stan.

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BitShares is a growing decentralized platform in the coin market, once sitting at #4 in the market near its launch in 2014. BitShares offers many technologies, including smart contracts and transaction speeds faster than bitcoin, credit or debit cards, or any other of the 2000+ currencies. They are promising to deliver infinite capacity with some complicated math they’re calling the “Transmatrix” engine, which probably involves a lot of matrices and graphics power as most cryptography is done these days.

The blockchain supporting BitShares handles about more transactions than Bitcoin Ethereum combined, and will soon be able to handle over 100,000 times that load. Steemit is one of BitShares’ platforms but runs on its own blockchain called Steem. Steemit allows users to be paid for their content by their reach and impact on server traffic and revenue.

BitShares is participating in much of the infrastructure development going on behind the scenes with cryptocurrencies. BitShares is integrated with Microsoft Azure, as well as runs its own decentralized exchange. The BitShares team is developing many projects like Steemit, PeerPlays, EOS, and Golos – the Russian Steemit.

Here’s a whole lot of stuff you probably haven’t heard of.

On July 4th, $1 million in BTS were donated by the BitShares team, which started a game to drive up the donation prize pool to $1 billion by donors as part of a gamified donation challenge called the Billion Hero Campaign. This is designed to drive up the value of BitShares and bring a lot of attention to the platform and blockchain in general. BitShares is highly ambitious, looking at a many-trillion dollar future market. Their investment project is called HERO, meant to court mass interest, where 1 HERO equals roughly $175 USD (appreciating at 5% per year). This will be an investor currency to support BitShares. If the $1 billion donation challenge is met, the money will be sent out as HERO coins, which will be exchangeable. This will technically put the BitShares supporting token into mass circulation. Their marketing team is targeting Hollywood. Let’s see where this goes!

Future: So much hype

Put money in, get money out… Genius!

// Originally written May 30, ’17. Price at the time: $0.067 / BTS

// Edited June 16, ’17. Price at the time: $0.32 / BTS

// Edited June 19, ’17. Price at the time: $0.32 / BTS

// Edited Sept 26, ’17. Price at the time: $0.08 / BTS



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